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St. Mary's Malankara Orthodox Cathedral

Malankara Orthodox Church
Northeast American Diocese
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Northeast Diocese Sunday School
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Parish Background

St. Mary's Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church was established on January 1, 1980, as per the constitution of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, by the Kalpana of His Grace, the late Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios, then the American Diocese Bishop.  Our first location was at 12th and Oak Lane in Philadelphia, PA.  This location was a rented hall of a Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The first Vicar for St. Mary's Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church was M.E. Idiculla Cor Episcopa.  At that time, there were only sixteen families as members.  Holy Qurbana and Prayer meetings were held only once a month.  However all the members gathered at the church every Sunday for Morning Prayers and Bible reading along with Sunday School and Martha Mariam Samajam.

Very Rev. M. E. Idiculla served as Vicar from January 01, 1980 to January 31, 1983.  Rev. Fr. C.J. Johnson came to our parish at the end of 1981.  Beginning 1982, regular Holy Qurbana was held every Sunday.  On February 1983, Rev. Fr. C.J. Johnson became the Vicar as per the Kalpana of His Grace, the late Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios and he continues to be the Vicar today.

On March 18, 1988, the parish acquired the church at 1424 Orthodox Street in Philadelphia, PA.  The artist Mr. Tiruvalla Baby built three beautiful altars in the church.  His Grace, the late Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios and His Grace, the late Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios held the sanctification ceremony on April 29th and 30th of 1988.

Very Rev. M. E. Idiculla and Very Rev. C. J. Johnson have held secretary positions in The American Diocese.  Various church members have also served as Council Members for The American Diocese.

Since the inception, this Church has participated in various charitable work within the USA and abroad, such as helping sick people, housing for homeless, marriage assistance, and tuition assistance through the mother church in India.  We have organized and conducted fundraisers to provide needed school supplies for the students of our neighboring school, John Marshal Elementary School, every year since 2014.  Many of our members are active participants of various other fundraising and philanthropic efforts throughout the diocese, US and abroad.

The church has conducted and hosted Retreats, Vacation Bible Class, Conventions and Church Perunal every year under the leadership of the Vicar.

The Catholicos, His Holiness, the late Moran Mar Baselios Mathews II visited the parish and has conducted Holy Qurbana.  During his visit, His Holiness, while praising the church, made a comment to the entire congregation to the effect of that he has never seen such a beautiful church outside of India.  The current Catholicos His Holiness Mar Baselios Marthoma Didymos I visited the parish in 2006 for evening prayer.  In addition, many other Bishops and Priests of the Malankara Orthodox Church have visited and conducted Holy Qurbana for this parish.

New Church Building

On May 8, 2016, with truly great blessings from above and the charitable contributions of many individuals, especially from the 49 families of St. Mary's Malankara Orthodox Syrian Cathedral, the parish was able to acquire a beautiful new church building at 1333 Welsh Road in Huntingdon Valley, PA.

This 13,800 square foot building on a serene 1.28 acres of land was previously occupied by St. John's Episcopal Church.

The new building is conveniently located to Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs.

Regular Holy Qurbana began at the new church building on June 24, 2017.

Our Vicar & President

Very Rev. Fr. C.J. Johnson Chor Episcopos

Phone: 917-494-2154
Current Office Bearers - Managing Committee: 2019


Benny Ulahannan
Phone: 267-971-8012


Susan Sabu
Phone: 215-350-8657



Board of Trustees

  • Philipose Cheriyan
  • George Jacob
  • Thomas Korah
  • John Thomas
  • Thomas Ninan
  • Lalu Paul
  • Ketty Thomas
  • Aleyamma Skaria
  • Aleyamma Easonkutty
  • Reenu Parmar

  • Samuel Kuriakose

  • ​​Very Rev. C.J. Johnson Cor-episcopa
  • Susan Sabu
  • Benny Ulahannan
  • Sosamma Cherian
  • ​Shyla Skaria

Prayer Coordinator

Ecumenical Committee


  • Philip Varghese
  • Lizy Philip

  • Philipose Cheriyan
  • K.M. Zacharia
  • Roy Varghese
  • Beena Thomas
  • Shyla Rajan
  • ​Mariamma George

  • Susan Sabu
  • Benny Ulahannan

Previous Year Office Bearers - Managing Committee: 2018


Philipose Cherian (Babu-Sar)


George Jacob (Reggie)


V.M. Cherian
Samuel Kuriakose
Lalu Paul
Lizy Philip
Shyla Rajan
Beena Thomas
John Thomas
Benny Ulahannan
Robby Varghese
Thomas Varghese​

Worship Schedule

Every Sunday
-  Morning Prayer Begins at 8:45AM followed by Holy Qurbana at 9:30AM
-  Sunday School will be held immediately after Holy Qurbana
-  Martha Mariam Samajam will be held immediately after Holy Qurbana

-  English Service will be held once a month (Last Sunday of Each Month)
Special Services
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St. Mary's Perunal 2017

  1. Title 16
    Title 16

Easter 2017

Ecumenical 5k Run 2016

1333 Welsh Road
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006
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